What I'm Working On

The Glass Darkly Portal is a galactic hub. It is a huge all-encompassing spherical dome on which all of earth’s memories are projected. Swirling images pass over its massive surface; blazing sunsets and sprouting springs, winter’s deep calmness and summer days of rejuvenating sunshine. Battles and birthings, liberations and subjugations, crying and laughter . . . no human activity is too large or small to be ignored by the Glass Darkly Portal. Sounds of earth life whoosh through and then vanish; snatches of conversations, babies crying, birds and croaking toads, every sound remains intact. The Glass Darkly records all things earth.
Inside this massive dome beings gather. Prayer warriors come to see where the great image shows evil making headway. Their prayers release God’s subduing power, his deliverance and protection over every corner of earth.
People with strong links to their former lives come to follow the well-being of a loved one left behind or to stay informed of some current earth issue. Angels and celestial beings use it as a central meeting place. Families gather for reunions there. It is through the Glass Darkly that I saw my bones floating on Lake Foss and listened in on the men at Bubba’s. Now I have returned to this sacred place, but this time, I am not a voyeur, I am a truth seeker.
From Gracelands (working title)