The Gospel is Going Viral in Vietnam

Viral. That was the word they used. 

 Viral. That was the word they used to describe what they are seeing. When I attended Awana’s International Summit in Korea recently, our internationals were full of viral stories. They weren’t describing the movement of a super bug or spread of disease, but rather the movement of God’s spirit in the world…revival starting with children.

What did they report?

  •   In Africa 1,366,955 kids are coming to Awana clubs. That’s a 38% growth over last year.
  •  South Asia, including India, has nearly a million clubbers with also a 38% FY growth.  
  • China is experiencing a 41% FY growth.
  •  Latin America is up 51% over last year.

If these were stocks experiencing this kind of growth, we would be rushing out to buy them. From my vantage place in the kingdom growth is approaching revival levels in some parts of the world.

Let’s talk about Vietnam for a moment.

In just four years Vietnam has gone from no children to 47,500 clubbers. The leaders from Vietnam told us it is common for a club to run 500 kids with all of them coming to Christ.

“Are they coming as individuals, or en masse?” I asked.

“Both.” they said but then added, “It’s the strangest thing. When they come to Christ, they fall down on their knees…not something that is usually done in the Vietnamese Culture.”

“Why do you think they are doing that?” I wondered.

They answered. “After years of communism the hope they are finding in Jesus is just overwhelming.”

What are we seeing? What are the reports indicating to us? We may not know what to call it, but the Spirit of God is alive, moving and well as children all over the world are coming to know, love and serve Jesus.

Whatever your vantage point is in the kingdom, we hope this viral report gives you great encouragement and hope in your own world.