“I have just completed the first 62 pages of She Can Laugh at the Days to Come. I feel as if we have just finished an hour and a half chat at the local Denny’s over coffee. You touched a place in me that desperately needed touching. I feel as though I am embarking on an exciting adventure and the most excellent thing is that a friend—you—has already been on this adventure and is going to give me the guided tour!”

She Can Laugh at the Days to Come seemed to fill a longing in my soul that hadn’t been touched before. Your openness, honesty, and humility were very welcomed arms of healing for me. In this day it is so easy to keep things to ourselves and remain closed. You walked me back through the process of opening myself back to Jesus. You mentored me at a time when I was very needy. Thank you!”

“With delightful humor and hope, in A Well-Tended Soul Valerie Bell helps us focus on ‘younging’ not aging.”
—Carol Kuykendall, MOPS International

A Well-Tended Soul will help women become more beautiful with age.”
—Connie Neal, author of Dancing in the Arms of God

She Can Laugh at the Days to Come is intriguing, witty—a soul-nourisher in preparing for and fulfilling the golden years.”
—Corinthia R. Boone, Ph.D., Together in Ministry International, Inc.

“Whenever Valerie Bell shared her burden for neglected children on The Chapel of the Air radio broadcast, there was immediate, positive, and strong listener response. I’m confident this will prove to be the case for her excellent book Reaching Out to Lonely Kids as well.”
—Dr. David Mains, Director of Mainstay Ministries

“Enter the world of AIDS and prepare to be bombarded by overwhelming statistics, confusing medical acronyms, and complex global inequities. In her own conversational style, Valerie Bell crashes through the clutter as an earnest seeker bent on understanding the world’s greatest humanitarian emergency and how one person can make a real difference."

“Highly revealing and challenging, Bell’s soulful reflections resemble intimate journal entries from a pilgrim intent on seeking God in all of His creation; a world that includes wrenching poverty, social injustice, and AIDS."

“Bell provides a useful guide in understanding the critical issues pertaining to global AIDS. On a deeper level, An African Awakening is an essential companion if compassionate response is a life-long goal. This book helps answer the inevitable question that arises when one experiences a transforming interaction with victims of the AIDS pandemic: Now what?”
—Steven W. Haas, Vice President, World Vision/United States

“I am so impressed with the quality and biblical depth of Valerie Bell's PRAYERWALK Series. Valerie has done a superb job of providing a paced prompting which really engages the heart as well as the cardiovascular system. The music is not silly or bothersome. The prayer ideas she suggests end up pointing toward the community. Many people are going to love this resource.”
—Steve Hawthorne, Co-author of Prayerwalking: Praying On-Site with Insight

Real Survivors is a book you’ll want to read before you need to. If you need to, don’t wait another second before diving in.”
—Jerry B. Jenkins, Novelist

“Steve and Valerie Bell—two of the most joy-filled Christians I know—embody the truth that life can be about thriving, not just surviving. I’m glad their words and the words of their fellow survivors can be part of the lives of the rest of us. Each of these stories in Real Survivors is enormously powerful.”
—John Ortberg, Senior Pastor, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church
   Author of Everybody’s Normal ‘til You Get to Know Them

“Hear the subdued but compelling voices of Christians as ordinary as ourselves who grappled with the horrors of our most dreaded nightmares. As they plumbed the depths of brokenness, they discovered themselves growing in the very faith that their ordeals were designed to destroy. Real Survivors offers a vibrant message of hope for our troubled times.”
—Gilbert Bilezikian, Professor emeritus, Wheaton College
    Founding elder, Willow Creek Community Church

“If you’ve ever been hit with an unexpected crisis, numbed by the betrayal of someone you trusted, or questioned the goodness of God in the middle impossible circumstances, this book is for you. Real Survivors will give you hope—not through pat answers but through honest stories. Steve and Valerie Bell have given us a practical tool for turning life’s greatest disappointments into courageous hope.”
—Carol Kent, Author and Speaker

“Steve and Valerie Bell take spiritual intimacy out of the realm of ‘religious disciplines to be performed’ and put it into everyday life where it can be experienced. Made to Be Loved both stimulates the desire for intimacy and points the way with practical ideas. The personal honesty of the authors gives hope to the most timid and challenge to the veteran.”
—Gary D. Chapman, Ph.D. Author of The Five Love Languages

“As we read Steve and Valerie’s book, many faces come to mind of folks whose marriages could be helped, saved, and transformed by the Bells’ realistic, deeply spiritual wisdom and do-able suggestions. Then our faces appear in our minds—this book is for us, too. Made to Be Loved is honest, alive, and full of counsel that will actually make a difference. Our opinion? You really ought to read this book.”
—Rachel and Larry Crabb

“Steve and Valerie have opened their hearts in a powerful way to help all of us move more closely to God and to each other. If authentic intimacy with our Lord and your spouse is what you long for, then Made to Be Loved is what you’ve been looking for.”
—Martie and Joe Stowell

“I cannot overstate the urgency of reading Faith-Shaped Kids. The influence of parents is incredibly powerful! Not only do I recommend this ground-breaking book, but it’s at the top of my “must-read” list for every Mom and Dad. Because you love your child, love him or her enough to read this book.”
—Josh D. McDowell, Speaker and Author

“We loved, loved, loved this book. What did parents do before seat belts? What did Christian parents do before this book? Alongside the Bible, Faith-Shaped Kids needs to be packed into every family car driving down the King’s Highway.”
—Len Sweet and Karen Elizabeth Rennie
   Husband/Wife team and co-writers of PreachingPlus.com

“This wonderful book is a winner and should be mandatory reading for all parents and parents-to-be! Faith-Shaped Kids will encourage and equip you to tackle this most important of responsibilities. We have one era to deeply influence our children’s lives—make it count by applying this wisdom from Steve and Valerie!”
—Lee and Leslie Strobel,
Co-authors, Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch, and author of the bestsellers, The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith

“With vulnerability, humor, and insight, Valerie’s book—Getting Out of Your Kids’ Faces and into Their Hearts—draws our attention to what really matters in parenting and challenges us to keep our focus there.”
—Elisa Morgan, Former President, MOPS International

“Valerie Bell offers concrete ways for moms and dads to move from no-win to win-win with their children. I highly recommend Getting Out of Your Kids’ Faces and into Their Hearts for those who long for a sane alternative to the arguments of parents’ rights versus children’s rights.”
—Diane M. Komp, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University of Medicine,
   Author of Hope Springs From Mended Places

“At a time when parenting seems to be impossible, Valerie has hit a grand slam home run with Getting Out of Your Kids’ Faces and into Their Hearts—PARENTS WIN!"
—David Genn, AWANA Clubs International

“For more help read a book with a Christian bent called, Getting Out of Your Kids’ Faces and into Their Hearts by Valerie Bell. It has some of the best parenting advice you’ll find anywhere.”
—From The Washington Post, December 1997, “Family Almanac” column by Marguerite Kelly

“I have just finished reading Getting Out of Your Kids’ Faces and into Their Hearts…WOW! We have five kids and therefore I have read a lot of parenting books. Yours has been the best one! I mean it. I have really desired a great relationship with my children but have not been able to get past all the JUNK.  Now I know that I have a tendency to be a controlling, interfering parent. I’d sure like to be a healthy, safe mom. You have given me great guidelines to mend these wounds. I am so excited!”