PRAYERWALK II . . . Praise, the Practice of Heaven––MP3

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PRAYERWALK II . . . Praise, the Practice of Heaven––MP3


Aerobic Audio/Music MP3
Valerie Bell

“Walk,” Valerie Bell’s doctor wrote on her prescription pad, “five times a week for 30 to 40 minutes.”  In the following weeks she felt as though she had been given a life sentence.  “Why do I hate this so much?” she asked herself time and again.  “Because it’s so boring!  What can I do with my mind while I’m taking care of my body?”  That was her problem!

She began to use the time to pray, but she needed music that didn’t interfere with the direction and mood of her prayers.  That’s how PRAYERWALK came to be.  “It was something I wanted for myself,” says Valerie, “but I soon realized that the beautiful music by gifted studio musician Dennis Clements, and the guided prayer time could be used by other people as well. 

Currently there are three aerobic audio/music CDs available—also available via MP3 download.

PRAYERWALK . . . Care for Body and Soul    (35 minutes)

This is the original aerobic audio/music prayerwalking edition.  It focuses on experiencing God’s love, adoration, examination, submission, intercession, petition, thanksgiving and praise.

PRAYERWALK II . . . Praise, the Practice of Heaven    (45 minutes)

This second edition is upbeat and entirely centered on praising God as you experience His presence in your walk.

CLASSIC PRAYERWALK . . . Blessing Your Community   (45 minutes)

This third edition in the series will help you walk through your neighborhood as an intercessor praying for the blessing of God and the outpouring of His grace in the place where you live.

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