AN AFRICAN AWAKENING: My Journey into AIDS Activism

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An African Awakening.jpg

AN AFRICAN AWAKENING: My Journey into AIDS Activism


Valerie Bell
World Vision / Authentic Books

Your heart has taken in the pain of the world. Now what do you do? Follow Valerie's story as she returns from AIDS briefings in Africa, critiquing her life and discovering how to loosen the grips of materialism to live more authentically in a world of pressing needs. If you are "whacked" by the worlds pain, but don’t know how to do much about it, though you want to, this book will challenge your sense of helplessness and empower you to find ways to step up to a more engaged activistic lifestyle.

If interested in hearing Valerie speak on this topic, you can view her message from a recent chapel service at Compassion International headquarters in Colorado Springs. 

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