A WELL-TENDED SOUL: Staying Beautiful for the Rest of Your Life

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A WELL-TENDED SOUL: Staying Beautiful for the Rest of Your Life


Valerie Bell

"Cancer!" The doctor looked at Valerie and said, "I'm sorry, you have cancer." But in the months that followed, she had to admit that her body was out of trouble long before her soul was at rest. But that sense of frailty, and the aftermath of anxiety and fear, led her to find ways of caring for her soul she’d never needed before. Cancer ended up being a gift. A Well-Tended Soul is soul care that is unabashedly and unapologetically feminine spiritual formation. Men allowed as well. Enter at risk to your soul being aware of God's love and care.

A Well-Tended Soul shows how to start building a life of incredible richness by becoming more internally focused, forming your soul to God’s heart. With refreshing candor, empathy and earthiness, Bell uses her own experiences to help you...

  •  Live a deeper, more genuinely connected life
  •  Pursue your truest dreams
  •  Shape the world around you with an authentic spirituality
  •  Discover the power of thankfulness to uproot envy and loss
  •  Build confidence, joy and beauty into your life
  •  Transcend the fears and losses of aging...and more

A Well-Tended Soul is a foundational resource for many of Valerie’s ministry weekends, workshops and seminars across the U.S.—designed especially for church leaders as well as women’s retreats and conferences.

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