Compassion / Activism

Whether Valerie is sharing her heart concerning spiritual formation to leadership groups or at women’s conferences, or talking to couples about marriage or parenting, you will find her to be an authentic, engaging and motivating communicator. Common responses to Valerie’s presentations include:

  • “She’s so real and human, I could really relate…”
  • “Articulate, passionate, and spiritually insightful!”
  • “Distinctly feminine, she presents the gospel in soprano...a voice I can connect with.”
  • “Such a creative storyteller—I laughed and I cried…”
  • “She opened me up to God’s work in my life in ways I had never considered before…”
  • “I came away full of hope and convinced of God’s love for me!”

Multiple trips to Africa in recent years has meant a growing awareness of the AIDS pandemic and world poverty. Valerie is speaking out more and more about how to become actively involved and globally engaged. Her focus is developing an adjusted lifestyle that demonstrates spiritual authenticity to a suffering world...a re-purposed life. Practical, challenging, creative and life-altering, these sessions help Christ followers address the toughest issues of the 21st century. Valerie’s presentations accompany her latest book, An African Awakening: My Journey into AIDS Activism.

This topic—and others—can be tailored specifically to your group: presented as stand-alone talks or crafted into multiple messages for longer bookings—i.e. for weekend church services, weekly classes, in a workshop setting, a one-day seminar, a multi-session weekend event, or for an entire week.