Real Survivors

REAL SURVIVORS: Finding Hope and Courage in Times of Crisis
Steve & Valerie Bell
Vine Books / Willow Creek Resources

What if the most unimaginable thing happened to you? What if your child was murdered, or you faced prison time after years of respected living? What if your husband was presumed dead, only to reappear 40 years later, or your babies were born only to live for minutes because of inherited birth diseases? These true stories, and others, in the words of people who faced such heartbreaking circumstances, illustrate how—with God's help—people have survived unimaginable difficulties. In the survivor's words, Valerie and Steve show how great disappointments can turn into courageous hope. With transparent honesty, they unveil their hurts, their troubling questions about God and their suffering.  Their lives point the way for the rest of us to discover spiritual strength and survival. With the gift of their tremendous access to their personal courage readers can hope that they, too, can come back.

Real Survivors is an ideal resource for those going through loss—whether grieving the death of a loved one of the loss of hopes and dreams.
“Real Survivors is a book you’ll want to read before you need to. If you need to, don’t wait another second before diving in.”
                                                                                                                                                      Jerry Jenkins, Best-selling Author and Novelist

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